Farm Bill Passes

Farm Bill Passes

  • Juan Carlos Delgado

On behalf of the US Hemp Roundtable: 

It happened later than we originally expected, but none-the-less the Farm Bill has officially been signed into law! Hemp and hemp derivatives are now permanently removed from regulation under the Controlled Substances Act! This is an historic moment, and we are happy to share it with all of our Hemp Supporters.

In addition to developing the Roundtable's press release, our General Counsel Jonathan Miller also put together a summary of what the Farm Bill means for hemp and hosted a Facebook Live session with Hemp Supporters today for a surprise Q&A session.

It’s an exciting time for the hemp industry! History was made today. We thank you all for everything you have done to get us here, and we look forward to working with all of our Hemp Supporters as this industry keeps moving forward!

If you missed the actual signing ceremony, you can view that footage here:

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